Course Listings

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Dance Classes

1, 2, 3, Dance With Me!

Tap- Beginner (ages 6-18)

Tap- Intermediate (ages 6-18)

   (some experience required)

Tap- Advanced (ages 14-18)

   (5+ years experience required)

Musical Theater- Beginner (ages 6-18)

Musical Theater- Intermediate (ages 6-18)

   (some experience required)

Musical Theater- Advanced (14-18)

   (5+ years experience required)

Jazz- Beginner (ages 6-18)

Jazz- Intermediate (ages 6-18)

   (some experience required)

Jazz- Advanced (ages 14-18)

   (5+ years experience required)

Dance Improv (ages 14-18)

Contemporary Dance (ages 14-18)

Family Yoga (all ages)

Music Classes

Music Exploration and Play (ages 5-7)

Music Exploration and Play (ages 8-10)

Vocal Training, Performance, and Music in our                  Lives (ages 11-13)

Vocal Training, Technique, and Performance.                      (ages 14-18)

Acting Classes

Acting (ages 6-12)

Audition Prep (ages 6-12)

Audition Prep (ages 13-18)

Character Development (ages 13-18)

Improv and Scene Writing (ages 14-18)

A Sample of Stanislavski (ages 14-18)

Tech Classes

Set Design (ages 14-18)

Stage management and Prop Design                                (ages 13-18)

Found Object Art Enrichment (ages 6-18)

Students residing outside of the Erie City Limits will pay a $10 per child non-resident fee to complete their registration. Once you have submitted the registration form please visit the PayPal Buy Now link below to pay your student's non-resident fee. Course access will be granted once the non-resident fee is paid.